How To Eat For Bulking Up

Bulking is an important step in the journey of adding muscle mass to your body and gaining weight. Gaining weight properly and putting on the right kind of muscle mass is not an easy process. A common misconception would be to just increase your diet and eat as much as you can and eat whatever you want. That statement would be half true, the point is to increase your caloric intake and add more nutrition to your regular diet.

4: How Bulking Works

It's not a difficult concept. It works with your intake minus the number of calories you burn every day. Let's say you calculate your daily caloric intake for maintaining your current weight which let's say is approximately 2000 calories. To bulk up, you have to eat more than 2000 calories. You can take it up to 2500 and it won't be that hard. If you want to follow a faster process you can take it up to 3000 or more. However, this is where the most mistakes are made. To speed up the process and gain weight as fast as possible, people lose sight of their goal which is to gain lean mass instead of unnecessary fat.

3: Preparing a Meal Plan

You should listen to your body because there is no hard and fast rule. Bodies react differently to different kinds of meal plans. One can try and include a variety of foods in their meal plans. Although there are some limits, no carbonated drinks, and sugars, seriously cut down on deep-fried foods. The recommended way, however, is to eat relatively smaller meals after every few hours. That would make around 6 to 7 meals a day.

2: What Should You Eat?

You can never go wrong with increasing your protein intake. You can go for eggs because they're very cheap, all kinds of meat like beef and chicken. Beans, beans avocados, nuts, oats, pasta, and all kinds of dairy products. It is a misconception that you'll have to eat chicken and rice every single meal every day. There are so many options, you can also add healthy fats and unprocessed carbs to your diet as mentioned above. It doesn't necessarily have to be as strict. You can have that chocolate you've hidden in your fridge now and then. The key is to stay consistent and never lose focus.

1: The Workout Plan

The main reason for bulking for most people is to get stronger or maybe reach their aesthetic goals of looking big. For your workouts, during the bulking season, you don't have to necessarily completely get rid of all the cardio. You should do cardio once in a while. But, it's recommended to not do too much cardio and instead, focus on strength training. As you gain weight, you're going to get stronger. Maybe use that to your advantage, add up on those weights, and cut down on the reps if you have to. Take it one day at a time, keep track of your weight and keep grinding.

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