We are Bold Body Fitness and our goal is to design the most effective fitness equipment on the planet. We are also the creators of the Resistance Rail Ultimate Home Gym. This revolutionary home gym is ideal for anyone who wants to get in the best shape of their lives and drastically increase their overall body strength.

Our gym is unique because it allows users to do exercises no other gym allows at this time because it is not attached to the wall. The Uniqueness of the product is that it tightens between the floor and the ceiling ( by jackscrew expansion ). Does not require a wall to stabilize the product which limits movement. This is especially effective for Gymnastic users who cannot get the space from the wall they need with other products. The Resistance Rail allows users to accomplish advanced moves and exercises, full freedom of movement. Plenty of space to do advanced maneuvers and it is made with heavy-gauge steel. No plastic at all.

Did you know that every adult should exercise at least 30 minutes 5 or more times a week at moderate to vigorous intensity?
The energy expenditure to maintain and prevent weight gain that triggers a chronic disease should be an average of 8 kcal per minute during the activity you perform.
Muscle contraction is necessary to develop strength, anaerobic endurance, and muscle size for optimal muscle development. Therefore, doing the exercises in a repeated and constant way is indispensable.

What we offer 

At Bold Body Fitness, we provide you with the best training tools to increase muscular strength, so you can do progressive resistance-based exercises from the comfort of your own home, improving your muscular strength and endurance.

Home gym systems are a one-stop shop for your fitness equipment. With Bold Body Fitness, you won't have to make a significant investment. You'll also save yourself the monthly gym membership fee that you often don't go to. With these devices, you'll have everything you need to work out at home, and you won't have to waste time traveling to a specific place to exercise. Moreover, you no longer have to worry about paying expensive monthly gym fees.

What makes our home gym unique?

According to a meta-analysis published this 2020 in the journal Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, each training session is affected by volume, intensity, duration, the exercise performed, exercise equipment, repetitions, sets per session, execution time, and recovery interval.

In the case of muscular endurance, the key lies in performing progressive repetition exercises, where the weight is lower, but the number of repetitions is higher. For which we present you a whole range of gym products, ideal for improving your training.

In this way, we have innovative gym equipment that will allow you to perform comfortable and practical training tailored to your needs.

Therefore, we present the best exercise equipment such as the Resistance Rail Standard, Resistance Rail Deluxe, and Cannonballs, with which you can train from the comfort of your home.

Bold Body Fitness

Training devices help us increase our physical capacity and endurance when exercising, performing every day. So we can resist a little more in time and intensity.

Bold Body Fitness workout equipment will increase your bone density, protect and strengthen your muscles and joints, improve your coordination, balance, and posture, help you control the progression of chronic diseases, boost your energy, improve your mood, promote fat burning cognitive skills.
Bold Body Fitness gym products allow you to do more than 60 different exercises. You can also customize your workouts by taking advantage of the wide range of training positions.

This way you will be able to train without having to leave your home, which will give you comfort and ease to exercise.

Resistance Rail Standard
Resistance Rail Deluxe