Where To Buy P90x

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Where To Buy P90x Cheap and Securely

Many people that come to my blog are not sure where to buy P90x. Also many others are looking to buy P90x cheap or get P90x for a discount. The only place you should buy P90x is directly through the manufacturer at the Team Beachbody store. The biggest reason you will want to order P90x directly through Beachbody is that you can be sure that you getting a genuine copy of P90x with all the important accessories and bonuses. Another important reason for buying directly is that you will get Beachbody’s world renowned support. After you purchase the system you will be assigned an official Beachbody coach. Your coach will be there to help give you motivation and answer any questions you have about the system.


If you plan to buy p90x today make certain you buy it through our website so that you will get your exclusive DVD’s as a bonus. When you buy through our link you will receive a limited edition copy of Tony Horton’s Yoga workout. You will also receive Mammoth UML which is a one-of-a-kind upper and middle body workout to go with the standard P90x DVDs. You will NOT want to miss out on these exclusive workout DVDs. Unfortunately this offer is only available for a limited time through my blog. You can go directly to Team Beachbody by CLICKING HERE to order your copy of the P90x system with two bonus DVDs. Remember you can only get these exclusive bonus DVD’s if you order through an Official Beachbody Coach like me. If you have any questions about this offer please feel free to contact me anytime.

Why Buy From The Team Beachbody Store?

buyp90xIf you buy P90x through Beachbody’s store you will not only get the lowest price, but you will get a discounted rate on shipping. You will also get Beachbody’s unrivaled return policy. If you decide the P90x system isn’t right for you and return it before 90 days have past you can get your money back with no hassles. This 100% money back guarantee will allow those that are skeptical a chance to try the system without the risk. Beachbody is so sure you are going to love P90x that they will allow you to keep the Ab Ripper X workout DVD as well as the P90x nutritional guide even if you decide to return the system.

Work Your Body To The Max With P90x

When it comes to your body you want the absolute best. Buying P90x will give you the power to work your body to the max. In 90 days you will be lean, toned, more muscular and ready for the beach. Do not settle for imitation copies of the P90x system. You may have seen P90x listed in classified ads or even online auction websites. Official versions of the P90x system are forbidden from being sold by affiliates on such websites as Craigslist and Ebay. You should not buy P90x from a location that Beachbody has not approved for affiliates to sell on. P90x is available for sale from Beachbody directly for the price of $119.85. If you find a listed price that is lower than that from a different location you run the risk of getting a counterfeit copy. If you purchase P90x directly from the Beachbody store you know you will be receiving an official copy of the system including all the bonuses that are only included when you buy directly.

Engineering A Great Body

The P90x system will engineer your body to begin replacing fat with muscle. You will start gaining incredible results right away. You will always stay motivated in this results driven fitness system. In only 90 days you will be in the best shape of your life and your body will be ready for the beach. You will have your own personal trainer in Tony Horton teaching and motivating you every step of the way.before-and-after-p90x1

What Equipment Do I Need?

For those of you that are considering or are currently paying for a gym membership P90x can save you money.  After you order P90x you will only need a few inexpensive pieces of equipment. Some equipment such as dumbbells are essential to your success while on P90x. You will also need a chin up bar for your pull up exercises. Other recommended equipment include push up stands, a heart rate monitor, an exercise or Yoga mat and Yoga blocks. You can choose to go with resistance bands if you want a different range of motion than dumbbells. If you are more comfortable with resistant bands rather than dumbbells then go for it. The P90x system will work great with either one.

What Supplements Should I Use While On P90x?

As far as nutrition goes you will likely need protein supplements. If you already get enough protein in your regular diet then you can skip protein supplements. For most of us however our bodies will need protein supplementation. This is especially true for a program that works your body as intensely as P90x. Beachbody has delicious tasting protein supplements available through the Office Beachbody Store.
A great meal replacement Supplement is also available from Team Beachbody called Shakeology. Shakeology is loaded with vitamins and minerals to fuel your body properly. Most users of the P90x system would not go without this incredible shake. It tastes amazing too! Consider adding it to your order if you plan to buy P90x in the near future.

before-and-after-p90x2Finding Discounts On P90x

Discounts can be found for P90x if you know where to look. Many people that are wondering where to buy P90x want some kind of savings when they order. The regular price for P90x from Beachbody is $119.85. If you purchase P90x as a Beachbody Club Member you can get it for $108.00. Beachbody Coaches have the option to order P90x for $89.89.

If you sign up as a club member you will be required to pay $2.99 a month. The great thing is that you will save 10% on every item you purchase. You will also save 50% off your shipping cost. You will get advice from Beachbody personal trainers such as Tony Horton, a customized meal plan, various fitness tools to assist you, and delicious recipe ideas.

As you read above you can save even more off P90x if you become a Beachbody Coach. You will receive a savings of 25% off all products and you will get 50% off shipping charges. To sign up as a Beachbody Coach you will have to pay a $39.99 one time fee. You will be charged $14.95 a month after your first month on a recurring basis. You will also receive a free website to highlight your fitness journey. In addition to sharing your P90x experiences you will also be able to earn cash through referrals.

Earn Cash Promoting P90x

For friends , family, and anyone that buys P90x through your website you will get a 25% commission. If they buy any other products through Beachbody you will also get 25% off that. The great news is that you do not have to deal with any of the hassles of running a business. Beachbody will handle shipping, customer service and product returns. All you do is refer customers to Team Beachbody through your link and get paid. You can quit the program and return the material within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price. All you will have to pay for is the return shipping price. There really is no easier way to make money while getting healthy.

A Quick Recap Of What You Will Be Getting With Each Membership

Lets quickly go over your options for purchasing P90x one more time. You can buy P90x through Beachbody for $119.95 plus shipping. If you sign up for the Beachbody Club you will pay $108.00 plus S&H for the system. As a Beachbody Coach you have the option to order P90x for the low price of $89.99 plus you will get 50% off of the shipping charge.before-and-after-p90x3

It is important to know where to buy P90x so that you do not get ripped off. It is also important to know the difference between the memberships that you can get from Team Beachbody.

Get started on your own P90x journey today. CLICK HERE to go directly to the Official Beachbody Store.

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