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Day 7 P90x Workout

Got to work early today, first thing in the morning. It feels good to get my workout in early as I do not have to plan to come back to it later. I find it best for me to do this, not sure what anyone else out there thinks. I also feel its easier to concentrate on making sure to eat right during the day.

A little more about eating right and sticking to good nutrition that is balanced is in the diet and nutrition guide that will come with your order when you buy P90x. For those who are having trouble knowing what to eat you will enjoy and greatly benefit from this guide on nutrition. In the guide it is listed what calories and fat each food contains so you will be able to make informed decision on what foods you eat during P90x.

If you did not receive a dieting and eating guide you may have bought your copy of P90x used. This why I try to encourage, especially those planning to purchase p90x for the first time, to buy direct from Beachbody to make certain you get everything including all the added bonuses.

Day 4 P90x Workout

Was hard to get on the workout today, just felt sore and overworked. Some days I have to take a break, so I did my workout just not at full capacity. You really should bring it most of the time if you can, but be careful not to burn out. If this happens then you will end up getting nothing done.

What I did today was cardio workouts. Great for burning weight quickly. I also like to run in the early mornings to give my P90x program that added boost. Anyone else who had the opportunity to buy P90x and worked out in addition to your P90x DVDs? Let me know I would love to hear your story.

Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with some more energy to really go at my workouts and bring that high degree of intensity.

Day 3 P90x Workout

Had the chance to workout my shoulders again, and some arm exercises. I fear I may be doing too much work with my right arm and they will be different sizes. I am only kidding. Any way I am still sore from yesterdays P90x workout. You may notice some of my posts are on the same day, but this is because I am just trying to get caught up. I didn’t actually do that many workouts in one day as that would be quite difficult.

Anyhow I will probably be working out with my legs at some point. The ab workouts I did definitely left a lasting impression as I can really feel them whenever I make even simple movements. I think after a few more weeks my abs will be showing and this will be very motivating for me. Fortunately I will be close to making it past the first week so that will be motivating in and of itself.

Day 1 P90x Workout

Well I figured I would start on day one on the list, lets chalk up the other days as warm ups. I feel I can now give me full effort to my P90x workouts so I will really be able to bring it. Today I worked on chest and I’m feeling it already. I could have taken another day off as some of my muscles are still somewhat sore. But I kinda like to stick to the system in place.

For those of you on your first week do not forget to take your protein supplements as it will help your muscles rebuild and recover quickly after your intense P90x workouts. After you buy P90x or before you by it plan on getting a good protein supplement to do with your P90x workouts as you really will need it. If you still do not have a protein supplement plan on simply getting one at your local shopping store, or just order from beachbody but do it right away.

Tomorrow I have off so I will come back with another workout report on that day. I may do a post tomorrow about whats the best time of day to do your workout.

Its Time For Some More P90x

I will start labeling the posts as what day I am on instead of having to come up with all these names because frankly I’m running out of them. If you enjoy these post names I keep coming up with let me know and I guess I can try to continue with them.

Anyhow on to P90x news and how I am doing. I believe I completed a good workout today and am really feeling it. I just hope I wont be too sore to continue tomorrow. Sometimes I end up having to skip another day. And that is alright as long as you don’t let one day off drag into a week and another failed attempt at the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System.

Another note about the post structure you may have noticed is the lack of images in the last post and this one. I will add images to every post again if everyone thinks they add the the blog. I think images every so often, or on posts of bigger importance is probably the best way to go, and the what I plan to do for now.

Anyways until next them and be sure to visit our buy P90x page for detailed information on the P90x system and how it works.

Another Day More P90x

I actually am enjoying that I am back on P90x. I know it can be hard to stop and start, but I am glad I decided to do it again. Anyhow I worked on shoulders today, and boy did I work them. I really worked hard and I am sure they will be really sore tomorrow.

Hopefully I will be able to take a day off and come back to P90x. Often times when I take any time off I have a hard time coming back to it. I don’t know why, I am just that way. Anyhow I’ll catch you all later and I will keep updating my P90x experiences.

Back In Action

Today was my first day back to P90x in a little while. I know I am always blogging about not procrastinating and now it seems I am doing it myself. The good thing is I am now back in full swing. I really need to stick to P90x this time. I am planning to start out kinda slow as to avoid burning out too soon.

I did a little running today before my P90x workout to help me get ready for it. I been trying to stick to running or jogging a little each day to help prepare me for my P90x return. Anyone else try to do that to get ready for P90x? Let me know what you think. If you are planning to buy P90x in the near future check out our page for more information.

More Superfood Info

If your into counting calories then the eating and dieting guide that is included when you buy p90x is perfect for you. Each food listed has its calorie content next to it so you won’t be wondering what you should eat. Also each food is categorized by whether or not they are good for you and will help you hasten your results from P90x or if they will hinder your efforts and ultimately slow down your growth and gains.

You will want to make sure your body is getting enough portion while you are doing the P90x system. Protein is important because it will help rebuild your muscles after your workouts. The time your body will take to heal if you use protein supplements will end up being sugnificatly less than if you do not supplement your body with an adequate amount of protein.

Be dedicated and take the time to study the diet and nutrition guide so that you too can enjoy the results of P90x for yourself.

Essentail Superfoods

As you begin P90x you will be working your body harder then it has ever worked out before, so you will want to provide it with the right proper and balanced nutrition. The right nutrition is essential as it will not only help to energize your body after the intense P90x workout DVD’s you are completing but will also help to energize you.

You will need to know what vitamins will give you the energy you need during P90x and you can do that by simply opening your copy of the diet and nutrition guide that came when you choose to buy p90x.

In it you will find a large selection of the best foods for your body, and the foods that you should be eating to maximize your success with the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System.

Lets Do P90x Today

Lets not wait any longer, get started on P90x today. No more excuses, it’s time to get going. If you did buy p90x already then do not just let it sit around, get busy! If you are planning to get your copy of P90x soon, don’t wait. In addition to receiving a brand new bonus CD you will also be getting the entire system when you order direct.

You will get the best price when ordering through Beachbody’s home page. Also you will be able to get any bonuses that are offered. So you will not miss any special offers.

You may even want to watch some more P90x reviews on youtube to help motivate you before you get started. But remember not to watch too many, because it’s time to bring it. Just enough for you to get motivated and get rolling.

So as the title for today’s post says lets do P90x today and you will begin on your journey to better health and a fit and in shape body.

You do not have to work as hard as you can at first, as your body will need time to adjust to the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System’s intense workouts. But your body will quickly build up the necessary muscles and strength. In no time at all you will be bring it hard, and eventually you will be able to keep up with Tony Horton and the crew.