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Day 20 P90x Workout

Ah I have reached day twenty, probably not a mile stone for most but hey at least it keeps me motivated and working hard. whatever motivates you is not important, they important thing is sticking the the program. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself while on P90x. Those that have trouble finding ways to motivate themselves can run into problems down the road.

What I did today was arms. The P90x Extreme Home Fitness System has a great arm blaster to really work out your arms and get them looking great. My arms are usually very sore after doing these workouts, which is a great sign of progress being made. I believe I am going to be doing cardio tomorrow, but I will have to check my calendar to be sure.

Remember to use your calendar to mark down what exercises you completed to keep track of what you did on each particular day. This will also help to keep you motivated.

A Day In The Life Of P90x

Just figured I would post a big off topic but also about P90x. This post will pretty much be me just talking, so enjoy or wait till tomorrow for a P90x workout update. I am so happy I made the decision to start P90x. I am someone who absolutely hates water. It’s true, I can’t stand it. If you like water then you already have an advantage that I didn’t have. It was so hard for me to begin drinking water again it nearly  killed me. Well that’s a bit of exaggerating but still it was awful to try to down eight ounces of water a day.

Anyway now that I am on water I couldn’t look back. Water acts as a cleaning agent to your whole body, and gives you the energy and stamina you need to get through P90x. Without it you will fail, we need water to live. Of course I was getting my “water” from soft drinks, sodas, and juice drinks, or even tea. Most of these types of drinks do nothing for you, and will only make you more tired and have less energy. Soft drinks will definitely give you a caffeine high, but you will fall hard after drinking them. Today’s random post was about water. Do you, the readers have anything to say about water? Did you have trouble switching to water when you started P90x?

Day 19 P90x Workout

It is good to get a day off from P90x to let my muscles heal, but I it also feels great to get back on P90x after taking a break from it. I know that sounds strange but its true, and when you are on P90x you may feel the same way or you may not. Either way I like getting into the best shape of my life, so it is very motivating to me to do the P90x system.

I would enjoy hearing some stories of other P90x users who have had some great success in motivating themselves through the fact that they know their body is being worked to the make. In a number of weeks their body will be ripped and shaped.

If your still deciding to buy P90x or not, just give it a try, you have nothing to lose. Beachbody, the company behind P90x, offers a satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose. You will probably be making a new years resolution at the beginning of next year right? And a lot of the time it is to lose weight or get into better shape. Why not let P90x and Tony Horton be your personal trainer for the next 90 days?

Day 18 P90x Workout

My workout today for p90x was more cardio workouts. Some people a little trouble staying focused during the cardio DVDs that come with p90x. They really are very important in the whole p90x system. This especially true for those looking to lose weight faster as well as those who want to get into the best shape. The cardio workouts included when you buy P90x also help to get your body healthy.

If you don’t plan to use the cardio workouts that are included with the DVD set then simply add running to your workout routine. Some people may choose to buy expensive equipment, but often times expensive equipment usually breaks or needs constant repairs. If you do your research you should be able to find a good quality workout machine for cardio. Save time and money though the simplest would be to jog or go running in your neighborhood.

Just make sure to stay on your p90x workouts and stay focused. You will attain the results you’ve been looking faster than you ever thought possible.

Day 16 P90x Workout

Well I am now past my 2nd week and now on to my 3rd. I love the feeling of energy I now get from my workouts. I had thought the day would never come where I would actually get energized from my workouts. I am starting to look forward to my P90x workouts. I had thought that day would never come either. I look forward to the results I am now visibly seeing on my body, so it is pretty exciting now.

Anyways I did the Kenpo DVD today and boy did it work up a sweet. Kenpo can be boring but it really is important to do the cardio style workouts. Kempo is fantastic to get blood flowing and get you into terrific shape in a short time. This is one of the main workouts that will give you energy, over time, if you stick to it.

I hope to be able to do shoulders again soon, which is my favorite workout DVD that comes with P90x. Let me know what some of your favorite DVD’s of the twelve are yours. I would enjoy discussing it with you, my readers.

Some Food Ideas

Some users who made the important and potentially life changing decision to buy P90x wonder what are some good food ideas to eat while on P90x. Also some of these same people are looking for foods that will help them lose weight the quickest. Some more still are looking to eat more protein in their diets and not sure which foods will provide them the protein their body desperately needs during their P90x workouts.

A good choice to lose weight quicker, if that is what you are trying to do, is to avoid foods that are high in saturated fats. Some fats are good for you, and you need them in your diet, but try to avoid having too much of one kind of fat. Another note is; while your on P90x you really do not need to worry too much about fats like on other diets. P90x burns so many calories you will need to eat more food, not less, to give your muscles continuous growth.

As for getting enough protein, this can be hard while on P90x. Foods high in protein include, but are not limited to, chicken, pork, beef, and other meats. Some choose to add a protein supplement to get enough of the protein their body needs, and this is especially a great idea while your on the P90x system.

Day 15 P90x Workout

Looks like I will finally be back to chest. I love chest workouts, because for me they just feel more natural to do. I can’t really explain that but I do really enjoy them, compared to some other muscle groups. Do you like doing one particular muscle group more than other ones? Let me know.

It is now getting cold outside, winter is definitely upon us now. Fortunately I am on P90x and do not have to jog or do outdoor exercise this winter. I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania and we had very harsh winters there. I used to jog with my brother through the slow and the cold arm would almost freeze our lungs as we huffed and puffed up the large hill by our home. Thankfully those days are over, although it was an experience to be sure. I would highly recommend you skip jogging in cold weather such as that and simply get the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System to exercise during the winter and all year long.

You may also want to make P90x your tool in your new years resolution to get ripped and in shape in time for spring.

Day 11 P90x Workout

Ah now I am past the ten day mark yeppy! This is starting to get genuinely exciting for me now. Ten days is a milestone for me to be sure. I am kinda excited to say the least to see what my results really are. I will do that by comparing the picture I took at the beginning of the workout and looking at my picture from now. Documenting your own results after you buy P90x could be the difference in you reaching your goals.

Taking a before picture will not always be the best thing for everyone, some of us are camera shy after all. But also remember you do not have to show your picture to anyone. Your before and after pictures can simply serve you with the motivation you need to succeed. You will see other people from all over the world who have posted their results online to motivated and inspire others, you may be one who wants to do that.

Anyhow I was able to work on my arms today, biceps. My arms are sore and I will really need to stay on the protein shakes to make sure I am getting enough protein into my body. Also I been trying to eat enough protein as well, adding it to my diet.

Day 10 P90x Workout

Lets do this! I am trying to bring a bit of a better more focused attitude to my workouts. Well at least for a little while. P90x was still quite a workout, as always, as I did shoulders today again. When you do shoulders with dumbbells you may have to lower the weight a little bit. I usually use five to ten pounds less weight when doing shoulders. It is all really up to your preferences and what works best for you. Just be careful not to over due it.

Shoulders, as it appears to me, seem to need more time for recovery. This is not always the case so just be aware of your current situation, and adjust your workout if needed accordingly. Adjustment of your workouts is, I think, essential to having real and lasting success with your P90x Extreme Home Fitness System experience.

You may plan to buy P90x for Christmas, and this can be a wonderful gift idea. Be sure to check out our Buy P90x section available from the main page or you can access the information from clicking the link you see here. In it you will find information regarding the P90x system, how it works, and maybe you will even be able to figure out if P90x is truly right for you.

Day 8 P90x Workout

Well thank goodness I am on day eight now. That means I made it the full week and then some. I am kinda stoked at how fast I am able to make progress. It is definitely encouraging to me to be able to get to this point. Anyhow I hope all that are following along with me will also be encouraged when they reach the one week mark. This doesn’t seem like a huge thing but trust me if you make it through P90x for one week it makes it a lot easier to continue past that point, too me anyhow.

It will also take your body time to adjust to your new lifestyle and dieting changes. This usually effects me the most in the first week or so. During that time I am tired and crazing sugar related foods and drinks a lot. After you buy P90x and get started on the workouts you will most likely feel fatigued in your first week, unless you already have an active lifestyle.