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Day 19 P90x

p90x-ehfWelcome back to those who are following me along my P90x journey. I also would like to welcome those that are new to Bold Body Fitness. If you are new to the P90x workout or you are just getting started with fitness and plan to do the Power 90 program we have some great resources here about both fitness systems. You can check out our post on Power 90 HERE and you can learn all about P90x HERE.

I worked on chest and back today. I was a bit slower than I would have liked. I was feeling it from a late night last night. While you are on the P90x system I would highly recommend you get enough sleep each and every night. I seem to drag a lot when I have a lack of sleep so I will have to take my own advice into account for my next workout.

Look forward to seeing you all here again tomorrow. Have a good one!

Day 17 P90x

shoulderandarmsHello there. For those wondering where the updates have been I do apologize. I was away for about a week or so and did not have access to the posting feature until I got back. Well the good news is that I am still steadily working through the P90x workouts and you will be able to continue following me along throughout my new posts. I hope you will all continue to check back here for all of my exciting P90x workout updates.

Now as I said above I was away from home for a week or so. I did not forget to bring the equipment I needed while I was gone. On my first day away from home I did the shoulders and arms rutine. I am really getting more comfortable with the new dumbbells I invested in. My shoulder gave me a bit of feedback, but I was able to have an all around solid workout while on the road.

I can’t wait to hear about your own vacation or travelling P90x expereinces. Be sure to add a comment here if you arn’t too shy. Until tommorrow my friends.

Day 16 P90x

p90xabripperxWelcome back and welcome to my day 16 P90x workout. I worked through the Back and Biceps DVD. It was quite an intense workout I would have to say. I am trying to workout harder each time so that I can keep up decently enough with the gang.

As you know that is usually my goal. I would like to say however that you should go any your own pace when just starting with P90x. Eventually your body will be able to keep up with the others. All I would recommend is to make sure you give your body the time it needs to get to that point. There’s no rush in getting there, and all of our bodies are different.

I hope you will continue to check back here for my next workouts. I also am glad to answer any questions any of you have. You can always reach me through my contact page or I you can communicate by commenting on any one of my posts. I wish you the best of luck on your on personal adventure with P90x!

Day 15 P90x

p90xchestandback2Well I am past the two week mark now. I can honestly say I am not as sore as I was during my first week. The exercises are becoming a bit easier to keep up with as well. I did expect this because this is how it went last time I was on P90x. If you stick to the program your body will begin to adapt. At least you hope so after that brutal first week anyway.

I worked through the Chest and Back DVD. I think I completed an overall good workout. I was able to keep up pretty good. I was also able to do almost all the reps. I am certainly getting better at keeping up with the group, but some DVDs I still have a hard time keeping up. I guess it depends on which one I am doing at the time.

I think I forgot to put a link to our new page on yesterdays post. If you would like to know where to buy P90x go here. You can find out where the best place to buy the system along with how to get the lowest price. If you haven’t bought P90x yet I would encourage you to have a look.

And with that I will see you all here tomorrow for my Day 16 P90x report.

Day 14 P90x

p90xfitnessHello and welcome back to Bold Body Fitness. If it is your first time here I would recommend you go here to find out what the P90x workout system is all about.

Before we get right into today’s workout report I wanted to address something. I have not been able to post the power 90 page yet for those of you looking for it. There is no need to worry however because I will be posting it in a couple of days. Anyone interested in the Power 90 system by Beachbody should plan to check the page out. I will post a working link in an up coming exercise report.

As for my workout I got to try out my new dumbbells. That’s right I got my new, and heavier, dumbbell set yesterday. They worked out just fine. I don’t really think you can go wrong when picking out a set of dumbbells anyway. I used them for my arm workouts today. I am still in need of a Yoga mat, but that will have to wait for now.

Day 13 P90x

p90xlogo4During my workout today I was a bit sluggish. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep. I was able to get through the whole DVD, but it was a real struggle.

I worked out with the Yoga DVD today for those wondering. I used to be a lot better at keeping up during the Yoga DVD back when I used P90x regularly. I am sure I will get there again eventually.

In other news I have updated the where to buy P90x section of the site. If you are still not sure where to buy P90x and get the best price I encourage you to check it out. There are also some preview videos of the P90x workout on the page.

I will of course be back tomorrow to continue my daily workout with the day 14 workout report. Remember that if you haven’t already you can subscribe to the Bold Body Fitness RSS feed so that you won’t miss any of my updates. Just click the above link and it should take you directly there.

Day 12 P90x

p90xlogo3I got up early today so that I could get my workout done. I have to be at work at around 9am so I was afraid I would miss my workout if I didn’t get up around 7am. Thankfully I was able to finish my workout and I kept up decently enough with Tony and the gang. I wasn’t that tired waking up at 7am today surprisingly enough.

Anyway for those of you wonder what workout I completed today it was the chest and back DVD. I am thinking I need a higher weight for my dumbbells already. I will probably just get them at either Walmart or the local gym equipment store. I still need an exercise mat as well so I will probably just get them both at the same time. I am not sure how big a mat I need. I may do some measurements to figure out what the right dimensions should be.

One other note I still need to order some more Shakeology. I also wanted to ask you all what your favorite flavor of Shakeology is?

Look forward to hearing from you all soon. I will be back tomorrow for my Day 13 workout update.

Day 11 P90x

p90xlogo2Hello everyone. Welcome back to my workout journey again. I was able to get an all around better workout then yesterday. I did mention yesterday that I did half of my workout during the morning hours and the rest at night. I fortunately got through my whole workout today without any trouble. I think I actually had one of my best workouts which means a lot to me. I hope to continue this pace for a while at least. Once I get into a routine I should be able to stick to it for the most part. That is if work allows me to.

For those that are wondering what workout I did today I worked on shoulders and back. Shoulders and back is one of my favorite workouts of the P90x series. I would love to hear what your favorite DVD’s are as well.

For those wondering where the Power 90 section of the site is I apologize that I didn’t get it posted until today. You can click here to go there and check out the article I wrote about this amazing system. I would encourage anyone just getting into fitness and strength training to check out the Power 90 series.

Day 10 P90x

p90xlogo1Well I reached day 10 and I only have 80 days to go. Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of your workouts. Unfortunately I was only able to get half of my workout done in the morning and had to drag through the rest of it once I got home from work. I know this is not the way P90x was intended to be done, but I am glad I was at least able to complete my day 10 workout.

I definitely feel that I am getting stronger. I am able to do some pullups again. I haven’t been able to do these in quite a while. The pullups usually give me the most trouble so once I get these down I should get closer to catching up with the other P90xers.

In other news I did a whole post on Power 90 if any of you are interested. If you do not already know the Power 90 System was the program that Tony Horton made prior to developing the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System. Power 90 is quite effective in it’s own right. If you are just a beginner you may want to start out with Power 90 before moving on to P90x.

Day 9 P90x

p90xyogaxTwo days into my 2nd week on the P90x system and I am already starting to see some results. This program certainly works quickly. That is one of the problems I had with fitness programs I tried prior to discovering P90x. I would not see any results for at least the first month and even then they weren’t that incredible. I love how the P90x workout really focuses on getting results and getting them quickly. If you aren’t currently on P90x and If you are someone who struggles with fitness programs then the P90x Extreme Home Fitness system may be exactly what you have been searching for.

For my day 9 workout I completed the Yoga X DVD. I am not a big fan of Yoga in general but this DVD really does give me a solid workout. I did a little power Yoga on the older Power 90 DVDs when I used to work through those. I think it does loosen you up pretty good. It is sometimes hard for me to keep the perfect form during the different routines.

In other news I will be adding a new plugin to allow users to subscribe to the blog. I will give it a good test to see if we will keep it on the blog or not. I if works out alright then we will be able to put together a list of subscribers more easily.