P90x Workout

If you are wondering where the best place to purchase P90x is then look no further than direct from the manufacturer, Team Beachbody. Buy from the Official Beachbody Store to avoid any hassles from buying elsewhere. You will get the LOWEST price anywhere by ordering direct. Also you will get their no hassle 30 day money back guarantee when you buy directly though the Beachbody store.

LIMITED Time Only Bonus Offer

If you buy P90x through our website you will also receive two bonus DVDs that are only available from an offical Beachbody coach like myself. If you purchase P90x today you will get the entire system plus two free bonus DVDs. The bonus DVDs include Fountain Of Youth which is a special Yoga workout hosted by Tony Horton. You will also get Mammoth UML which is a unique upper and middle body workout to help you achieve results even faster. You DO NOT want to miss these bonus DVDs. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so Click Here to go directly to the Beachbody store so you can get your brand new copy of P90x which WILL INCLUDE two FREE bonus DVDs.

If you are new to P90x and you looking for a weight loss and fitness system that can change at a great price then read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind system out. Find out how P90x could be the system you are looking for that will satisfy your fitness needs once and for all.

Taking Fitness To The Next Level

Tony Horton determined to take Power 90 to the next level so he developed the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System which uses the advanced muscle building concept of muscle confusion. Muscles that are worked over and over result in less results from your workouts. Building muscles fast and making them grow continually can be achieved by confusing the muscles by introducing many different workouts designed to target individual muscle groups. P90x keeps your body guessing by presenting a mix and match variety of different exercise videos to maximize your results.

P90x Features

P90x comes with twelve exercise videos designed to target every major muscle group in your body. A “How to Bring It” video is included that gives you an overview of the P90x system presented by Tony Horton. Videos are also included for back and chest workouts, shoulders and arms, Yoga, advanced stretches, and ab ripper X. P90x includes many more videos as well as a detailed P90x Fitness Guide and the P90x 3 – Phase Nutritional Guide.

More Exciting Features

A detailed eating and diet guide is included which will tell you what foods are best to eat to gain maximum benefit from using P90x. The wrong foods can actually slow down your exercise results. It is important to eat the right foods during your P90x experience in order to provide your body with the right nutrients for the energy and support your body will require.

Your P90x Extreme Home Fitness System from Beachbody will include a calendar to help you stay motivated by keeping track of your progress as you complete each days P90x workout. You will remember what you need to complete on the next day by marking down exactly what DVD you are doing.

Order direct through Beachbody and you will receive their world renowned support. A coach will be assigned to you to help you as you go through the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System. Your coach is available to answer any questions to assist you. Communication with individuals currently using P90x is available to help keep you motivated and encourage you to get into the best shape ever. New users to P90x will find talking with other P90x users offers a lot of encouragement and can help you succeed.

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