Lets Do This!

p90x1Well after about a year off I am back on P90x. I have unfortunately gained some weight since my time off the program and look forward to getting the fat off as soon as possible.

I know the first week back on P90x will really kick my butt. I’m sure I will be sore for weeks if not the entire first month. I guess that’s the punishment for getting off the program for so long.

I will be starting with the basic program set and may do a doubles program of P90x later this year. I still want to eventually get to P90x 2 but for now I am a ways off.

I have also ordered some Beachbody Shakeology protein supplements that should be arriving today or tomorrow. Soon as they get here I will get started on day 1 again.

I hope you will all enjoy following my journey through the P90x system. If you have any questions of comments you can post them here or reach me through my contact page.

If you are looking for information on where to buy P90x for a great price go here.

I will be updating all pages on my blog and I might add some new graphics or an entirely new WordPress theme. I will post any new updates to the blog in the news section.

Here’s to another great year on P90x. I wish all of you that are starting P90x, or working through the program, the best of luck. I guarantee that if you stick to it and you will get amazing results.

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