Day 9 P90x

p90xyogaxTwo days into my 2nd week on the P90x system and I am already starting to see some results. This program certainly works quickly. That is one of the problems I had with fitness programs I tried prior to discovering P90x. I would not see any results for at least the first month and even then they weren’t that incredible. I love how the P90x workout really focuses on getting results and getting them quickly. If you aren’t currently on P90x and If you are someone who struggles with fitness programs then the P90x Extreme Home Fitness system may be exactly what you have been searching for.

For my day 9 workout I completed the Yoga X DVD. I am not a big fan of Yoga in general but this DVD really does give me a solid workout. I did a little power Yoga on the older Power 90 DVDs when I used to work through those. I think it does loosen you up pretty good. It is sometimes hard for me to keep the perfect form during the different routines.

In other news I will be adding a new plugin to allow users to subscribe to the blog. I will give it a good test to see if we will keep it on the blog or not. I if works out alright then we will be able to put together a list of subscribers more easily.

2 thoughts on “Day 9 P90x

  1. Robert Post author

    Good question. I will be sure to start posting pictures eventually. Since I haven’t experienced much visual change yet I haven’t gotten around to it.

    Anyhow thanks for stopping by.

    – Robert

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