Day 8 P90x Workout

Well thank goodness I am on day eight now. That means I made it the full week and then some. I am kinda stoked at how fast I am able to make progress. It is definitely encouraging to me to be able to get to this point. Anyhow I hope all that are following along with me will also be encouraged when they reach the one week mark. This doesn’t seem like a huge thing but trust me if you make it through P90x for one week it makes it a lot easier to continue past that point, too me anyhow.

It will also take your body time to adjust to your new lifestyle and dieting changes. This usually effects me the most in the first week or so. During that time I am tired and crazing sugar related foods and drinks a lot. After you buy P90x and get started on the workouts you will most likely feel fatigued in your first week, unless you already have an active lifestyle.

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