Day 27 P90x Workout

Well I have taken some time off P90x ( I know that is always a bad thing to do ). I probably should start back on day one again like I am starting over but I suppose that might not be a good idea either so I will continue on day 27. I have been doing some P90x during this time so I have no stopped completely. I would say more of a maintenance exercise plan while I dealt with a few things that needed taken care of in my life.

I hope there is still some people out there following along. Anyhow I worked out my arms today and it actually feels great to be back. I loved working out my biceps again. I am sure I will be pretty sore again because of the time I took off. Probably not even close to as sore compared to when I first started P90x though.

Hopefully I will be back on track and smooth sailing now. I hate the feeling of guilt I get when I do not do my workouts. The reason I feel guilty is I know I just need to get it done, and sometimes my body doesn’t want to. I need to concentrate on staying focused and I am sure I will get to day ninety in no time at all.

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