Day 25 P90x Workout

I completed the P90x Yoga DVD today for my workout I had to complete. Sometimes it is hard for me to talk myself into doing this particular DVD as I would say I am not really a Yoga person. Fortunatly, as you have to do with almost anything in life, I will just continue to stick to it. I make sure that I do every DVD, because I want to stick to the program how the team designed it.

Sticking to the way the P90x system was designed is very important to me. I want to know I am giving it my all without missing anything important that could hinder my results or benefits from all my hard work. If I choose to do only the workouts and exercises I preferred, then I feel I would not get the same benefit as doing the system as it was meant to be done. Each DVD has a specific function and purpose so skipping a workout DVD would just be a bad idea.

Of course there is exceptions, for example if you have an injury that needs to be avoided, then of course you should skip workouts involving that mucle area. Also you may still be sore in a certain area after your past days workout and you may want to avoid working those mucles and that is perfectly fine. Anyhow I hope your all finding real and lasting success from your P90x workouts.

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