Day 24 P90x Workout

Well I am close to a full month on P90x now, I am pretty excited to reach the thirty day mark. Anyhow I did leg workouts today. I also did a bit of jogging on the side. Unfortunately it is pretty cold where I live so it is hard to motivate myself to get outside and get busy. I guess that’s another good reason I am doing P90x, the home fitness system. I wouldn’t last if I had to go to a gym.

I need to buy some new weights as I am noticeably stronger now and feel I could lift a bit more. I am hoping to find some good deals on dumbbells at my local exercise equipment shop. I blieve I will be doing arms tomorrow or the shoulders DVD. And sometime this week I should have Yoga.

I hope everyone is hanging in there in their P90x workout goals. Keep at it and you will achieve amazing results in not time at all.

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