Day 22 P90x Workout

My kind of dragged a bit on my P90x workout today. No particular reason, just some days I don’t feel it. I’m still glad I did my workout as I hate to miss any of them. What I did today was shoulders, and I still had it decent workout this by dragging.

You try to stick to your workouts? I am wondering because I feel kind of guilty when I miss my workouts personally. Even if I really do not feel that I still try to at least do the best I can each workout day. I would love to hear what readers have to say about their own P90x experiences.

At least I think I will be working on legs tomorrow and that shouldn’t be as hard. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with more energy, I guess ill just have to make sure I get enough sleep. And I know how important sleep is to have enough energy to get through P90x.

1 thought on “Day 22 P90x Workout

  1. Jaelin White

    Well, I’m 14 right now, and I always sticked to my workouts, except when we went up to my cabin (about 2 days total). I had borrowed p90x and got up to day 32 until i had to give it back, but i am getting it to do the full 90 days within the next few days luckily. Anyways, of course its hard to always stick to your workouts. One thing that helped me was knowing the results i would end up with. Plus i play football, so thats one motivation i have. It’s funny, I was so obsessed with p90x, and still am. Everytime someone turned around they’d see me making the “x” symbol, and my dad calls me Mr. P90x. Just know that i had a hard time getting to my workouts everyday, but i pushed through that with my greatest abilities. Being as competitive as i am, You never saw me cut short the workouts, though. Keep the work up!

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