Day 21 P90x Workout

Another day with P90x today. I worked on arms today. I think I can already feel and see my arms getting bigger. I am also experiencing more definition in my forearms and bicep areas. I first noticed changes in my arms a bit later than in other areas, or maybe it was the same and I am not remembering it correctly.

I seem to notice my abs getting more defined very quickly after starting the ab routines included with the P90x workout system. I have always liked these exercises the most so I look forward to doing them whenever I am supposed to according to my workout schedule.

I believe I have off tomorrow but I will check to make sure on my calendar. Do you use your calendar to keep track of your progress while on P90x? I think a lot of users of P90x find it very useful and even motivating to follow their progress as well as know what workouts need to be completed next.

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