Day 20 P90x Workout

Ah I have reached day twenty, probably not a mile stone for most but hey at least it keeps me motivated and working hard. whatever motivates you is not important, they important thing is sticking the the program. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself while on P90x. Those that have trouble finding ways to motivate themselves can run into problems down the road.

What I did today was arms. The P90x Extreme Home Fitness System has a great arm blaster to really work out your arms and get them looking great. My arms are usually very sore after doing these workouts, which is a great sign of progress being made. I believe I am going to be doing cardio tomorrow, but I will have to check my calendar to be sure.

Remember to use your calendar to mark down what exercises you completed to keep track of what you did on each particular day. This will also help to keep you motivated.

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