Day 2 P90x

p90xshouldersandarmsI got up a bit late today but I certainly did not want to miss my workout. After all I’m only on day 2. I was tired and sore from day one but I had a pretty decent workout nonetheless.

I worked through the shoulders and arms DVD today. I wasn’t able to keep up with Tony and the group, but I wasn’t too far behind. I was a lot worse yesterday surprisingly enough. P90x is no joke and the first week will kick the crap out of you, but it feels amazing.

I think I may have to take off tomorrow, but I am not entirely sure. I have work tomorrow early and I wont get back until late. I definitely do not want to miss any of the workouts especially on my first week. I’m thinking I will make a go of it anyhow. I will let you know what happens tomorrow and how the workout went. Stay tuned in!

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