Day 19 P90x

p90x-ehfWelcome back to those who are following me along my P90x journey. I also would like to welcome those that are new to Bold Body Fitness. If you are new to the P90x workout or you are just getting started with fitness and plan to do the Power 90 program we have some great resources here about both fitness systems. You can check out our post on Power 90 HERE and you can learn all about P90x HERE.

I worked on chest and back today. I was a bit slower than I would have liked. I was feeling it from a late night last night. While you are on the P90x system I would highly recommend you get enough sleep each and every night. I seem to drag a lot when I have a lack of sleep so I will have to take my own advice into account for my next workout.

Look forward to seeing you all here again tomorrow. Have a good one!

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