Day 18 P90x

weights1Ah good old day 18. For those that have stuck along with me here at Bold Body Fitness I want to take a moment to thank you. I am glad you are here with me on my 18th day. Remember to subscribe to my feed burner feed if you haven’t already.

Before I jump into my day 18 workout I would like to go over what’s new here on Bold Body Fitness. I will be adding our twitter feed to the sidebar soon. This will allow you to easily follow my tweets. I will periodically be posting P90x results galleries to help motivate you all. I hope you will all enjoy these new posts. Another request we got was to display our twitter subscriber numbers and I am happy to announce this will be displayed in the same sidebar as the twitter feed. I will continue to let you know when new features are added to the blog.

Now on to my workout. I worked through shoulders and arms today. It was a great workout for me. I was a bit sluggish in some of my workouts last week so I wanted to do my best this week to make up for that. Well that’s it for today.

I will be back tomorrow with more P90x workout updates. Check back then!

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