Day 17 P90x

shoulderandarmsHello there. For those wondering where the updates have been I do apologize. I was away for about a week or so and did not have access to the posting feature until I got back. Well the good news is that I am still steadily working through the P90x workouts and you will be able to continue following me along throughout my new posts. I hope you will all continue to check back here for all of my exciting P90x workout updates.

Now as I said above I was away from home for a week or so. I did not forget to bring the equipment I needed while I was gone. On my first day away from home I did the shoulders and arms rutine. I am really getting more comfortable with the new dumbbells I invested in. My shoulder gave me a bit of feedback, but I was able to have an all around solid workout while on the road.

I can’t wait to hear about your own vacation or travelling P90x expereinces. Be sure to add a comment here if you arn’t too shy. Until tommorrow my friends.

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