Day 16 P90x Workout

Well I am now past my 2nd week and now on to my 3rd. I love the feeling of energy I now get from my workouts. I had thought the day would never come where I would actually get energized from my workouts. I am starting to look forward to my P90x workouts. I had thought that day would never come either. I look forward to the results I am now visibly seeing on my body, so it is pretty exciting now.

Anyways I did the Kenpo DVD today and boy did it work up a sweet. Kenpo can be boring but it really is important to do the cardio style workouts. Kempo is fantastic to get blood flowing and get you into terrific shape in a short time. This is one of the main workouts that will give you energy, over time, if you stick to it.

I hope to be able to do shoulders again soon, which is my favorite workout DVD that comes with P90x. Let me know what some of your favorite DVD’s of the twelve are yours. I would enjoy discussing it with you, my readers.

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