Day 15 P90x

p90xchestandback2Well I am past the two week mark now. I can honestly say I am not as sore as I was during my first week. The exercises are becoming a bit easier to keep up with as well. I did expect this because this is how it went last time I was on P90x. If you stick to the program your body will begin to adapt. At least you hope so after that brutal first week anyway.

I worked through the Chest and Back DVD. I think I completed an overall good workout. I was able to keep up pretty good. I was also able to do almost all the reps. I am certainly getting better at keeping up with the group, but some DVDs I still have a hard time keeping up. I guess it depends on which one I am doing at the time.

I think I forgot to put a link to our new page on yesterdays post. If you would like to know where to buy P90x go here. You can find out where the best place to buy the system along with how to get the lowest price. If you haven’t bought P90x yet I would encourage you to have a look.

And with that I will see you all here tomorrow for my Day 16 P90x report.

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