Day 15 P90x Workout

Looks like I will finally be back to chest. I love chest workouts, because for me they just feel more natural to do. I can’t really explain that but I do really enjoy them, compared to some other muscle groups. Do you like doing one particular muscle group more than other ones? Let me know.

It is now getting cold outside, winter is definitely upon us now. Fortunately I am on P90x and do not have to jog or do outdoor exercise this winter. I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania and we had very harsh winters there. I used to jog with my brother through the slow and the cold arm would almost freeze our lungs as we huffed and puffed up the large hill by our home. Thankfully those days are over, although it was an experience to be sure. I would highly recommend you skip jogging in cold weather such as that and simply get the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System to exercise during the winter and all year long.

You may also want to make P90x your tool in your new years resolution to get ripped and in shape in time for spring.

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