Day 14 P90x

p90xfitnessHello and welcome back to Bold Body Fitness. If it is your first time here I would recommend you go here to find out what the P90x workout system is all about.

Before we get right into today’s workout report I wanted to address something. I have not been able to post the power 90 page yet for those of you looking for it. There is no need to worry however because I will be posting it in a couple of days. Anyone interested in the Power 90 system by Beachbody should plan to check the page out. I will post a working link in an up coming exercise report.

As for my workout I got to try out my new dumbbells. That’s right I got my new, and heavier, dumbbell set yesterday. They worked out just fine. I don’t really think you can go wrong when picking out a set of dumbbells anyway. I used them for my arm workouts today. I am still in need of a Yoga mat, but that will have to wait for now.

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