Day 14 P90x Workout

Some days you just get up and don’t want to be up. Some days it is hard for me to roll out of the best. This was one of those days. I am lucky I was able to get through my workout. Day fourteen though, the big two week milestone! For those of you who have reached week two of your P90x adventure, I salute you. I am sure you agree it was no easy task to undertake. But the good news is, as well as motivating thing is, you made it.

Day fourteen consisted of pull ups and other arm workouts. I have the pull up bar in my door way of my closet to do my pull up arm exercises. You probably or most likely have a setup like this in your own bedroom. Some people choose to skip it but I think it is important as it is featured in the videos.

You can buy your pull up or bicep bar from Beachbody’s site directly if your looking for it. In some cases you can buy one at the store, but be careful as they sometimes are cheaper or not well made. Buying your additional products to complement your P90x workouts should be bought from Beachbody directly to avoid inferior products. You want the very best when you Buy p90x and you get started on the road to better health and building lean muscle mass.

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