Day 13 P90x

p90xlogo4During my workout today I was a bit sluggish. I definitely didn’t get enough sleep. I was able to get through the whole DVD, but it was a real struggle.

I worked out with the Yoga DVD today for those wondering. I used to be a lot better at keeping up during the Yoga DVD back when I used P90x regularly. I am sure I will get there again eventually.

In other news I have updated the where to buy P90x section of the site. If you are still not sure where to buy P90x and get the best price I encourage you to check it out. There are also some preview videos of the P90x workout on the page.

I will of course be back tomorrow to continue my daily workout with the day 14 workout report. Remember that if you haven’t already you can subscribe to the Bold Body Fitness RSS feed so that you won’t miss any of my updates. Just click the above link and it should take you directly there.

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  1. ianfanil

    The P90X workout system sounds simple — just follow the program for 90 days and you’ll be more muscular and leaner than you ever imagined. But these challenging workouts require lots of dedication to complete.

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