Day 12 P90x

p90xlogo3I got up early today so that I could get my workout done. I have to be at work at around 9am so I was afraid I would miss my workout if I didn’t get up around 7am. Thankfully I was able to finish my workout and I kept up decently enough with Tony and the gang. I wasn’t that tired waking up at 7am today surprisingly enough.

Anyway for those of you wonder what workout I completed today it was the chest and back DVD. I am thinking I need a higher weight for my dumbbells already. I will probably just get them at either Walmart or the local gym equipment store. I still need an exercise mat as well so I will probably just get them both at the same time. I am not sure how big a mat I need. I may do some measurements to figure out what the right dimensions should be.

One other note I still need to order some more Shakeology. I also wanted to ask you all what your favorite flavor of Shakeology is?

Look forward to hearing from you all soon. I will be back tomorrow for my Day 13 workout update.

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