Day 11 P90x

p90xlogo2Hello everyone. Welcome back to my workout journey again. I was able to get an all around better workout then yesterday. I did mention yesterday that I did half of my workout during the morning hours and the rest at night. I fortunately got through my whole workout today without any trouble. I think I actually had one of my best workouts which means a lot to me. I hope to continue this pace for a while at least. Once I get into a routine I should be able to stick to it for the most part. That is if work allows me to.

For those that are wondering what workout I did today I worked on shoulders and back. Shoulders and back is one of my favorite workouts of the P90x series. I would love to hear what your favorite DVD’s are as well.

For those wondering where the Power 90 section of the site is I apologize that I didn’t get it posted until today. You can click here to go there and check out the article I wrote about this amazing system. I would encourage anyone just getting into fitness and strength training to check out the Power 90 series.

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