Day 11 P90x Workout

Ah now I am past the ten day mark yeppy! This is starting to get genuinely exciting for me now. Ten days is a milestone for me to be sure. I am kinda excited to say the least to see what my results really are. I will do that by comparing the picture I took at the beginning of the workout and looking at my picture from now. Documenting your own results after you buy P90x could be the difference in you reaching your goals.

Taking a before picture will not always be the best thing for everyone, some of us are camera shy after all. But also remember you do not have to show your picture to anyone. Your before and after pictures can simply serve you with the motivation you need to succeed. You will see other people from all over the world who have posted their results online to motivated and inspire others, you may be one who wants to do that.

Anyhow I was able to work on my arms today, biceps. My arms are sore and I will really need to stay on the protein shakes to make sure I am getting enough protein into my body. Also I been trying to eat enough protein as well, adding it to my diet.

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