Day 10 P90x

p90xlogo1Well I reached day 10 and I only have 80 days to go. Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of your workouts. Unfortunately I was only able to get half of my workout done in the morning and had to drag through the rest of it once I got home from work. I know this is not the way P90x was intended to be done, but I am glad I was at least able to complete my day 10 workout.

I definitely feel that I am getting stronger. I am able to do some pullups again. I haven’t been able to do these in quite a while. The pullups usually give me the most trouble so once I get these down I should get closer to catching up with the other P90xers.

In other news I did a whole post on Power 90 if any of you are interested. If you do not already know the Power 90 System was the program that Tony Horton made prior to developing the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System. Power 90 is quite effective in it’s own right. If you are just a beginner you may want to start out with Power 90 before moving on to P90x.

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