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Bold Days Ahead

weightsHave you ever had those days where you feel full of energy, ready to hit your exercise routine hard? Then of course there are the days you wake up sluggish and fatigued. On those days you know your going to have a bad workout. Fortunately today was the day I could really go at my workout. I kept up with the P90x team relatively well, better than I usually do anyhow. I think in a another month or so I should be able to keep up with them. Although in all honesty it could take me longer to really keep up. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as I am building lean muscles and burning fat.

Anyhow just wanted to do a quick update to say I’m still on P90x and having a blast! Regular updates for those that are interested in my workouts will soon follow. I hope you will join me on my workout journey.

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Have a great weekend!

P90x Workout System

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If you are trying to figure out where the best place to purchase the P90x workout then you have come to the right place. You should buy P90x directly through the Beachbody Store. This will ensure you avoid the problems that you may run into if you buy from another location. If you buy from Beachbody directly you will receive the LOWEST price available anywhere. This is because you will be avoiding any middle man company. In addition to getting the lowest price for the system you will also get Beachbody’s 30 day money back guarantee when buying direct through Team Beachbody.

Bonus Offer Available For A Limited Time Only

p90xsystemWhen you buy P90x make sure you buy it through our website in order to receive your exclusive bonus DVD’s. These two amazing DVD’s are only available when you purchase the P90x System through this Link to receive your limited edition Yoga workout created by Tony Horton himself. The 2nd bonus DVD is a terrific upper/middle body workout called Mammoth UML. You absolutely DO NOT want to miss out on these workouts. This offer is only available for a limited time. In order to ensure you get your two bonus DVD’s CLICK HERE to directly visit the BeachBody Store.

If you have only recently heard of the P90x System but are looking for a fitness system that can give you a whole new body in as quickly as 90 days then keep reading. You will discover that there really isn’t anything else out there like the P90x Workout System when it comes to a great price and a system that truly works. If you stick to P90x you will get incredible results.

Take Your Fitness To New Heightsp90x-before-and-after-1

Tony Horton originally created Power 90 to help everyday people like you and I achieve their fitness goals. Users of Power 90 asked Tony Horton to come up with a program that would take their fitness goals to a whole new level. Tony Horton’s answer was the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System.

The reason the P90x system is so effective is the concept of muscle confusion. You will see less results from your workouts if you do the same workout routine day after day. Your body will begin to become accustomed to your workout and you will notice a significant drop in your muscle gains. P90x is designed so that you will not hit a plateau that many other fitness systems fail to address. By continually confusing your muscles your body will in turn achieve amazing results. The P90x workouts are designed to target each of your muscle groups. You will be working different muscle groups each and everyday.

What Comes With P90x?

You will receive twelve DVD’s with your P90x system. Each one has been designed to effectively target every important muscle group in your body. A video on “How to bring it” during your workouts is also included in DVD format. This DVD is presented by Tony Horton and will give you a brief introduction about P90x and what attitude you should maintain while you work through the system.

p90x-before-and-after-2What Else Is Included?

To get the maximum benefit from your workouts you will need to eat right. Fortunately a nutritional guide is included when you purchase your official copy of the P90x Workout. The nutritional guide is truly an amazing resource to have at your disposal. This guide will tell you what the best foods are for your body as well as the foods you should avoid in order to get the most out of your workouts. Providing your body the right amount of nutrients during your P90x experience is essential. You have a much better chance at success if your body has the fuel it needs.

You will also be getting a calender to track your progress through P90x. The calendar is important because it will allow you to keep track of what workouts need completed on each specific day.p90x-before-and-after-3

Another important feature that will be included when your purchase P90x directly is Beachbody’s one of a kind support. With Team Beachbody there to support you on your journey you will have a much better chance at success. You will be assigned a Beachbody Coach that will be there to answer any questions you have. The official Beachbody message boards are another great resource where you can connect with other current users of the P90x System.

P90x Workout

If you are wondering where the best place to purchase P90x is then look no further than direct from the manufacturer, Team Beachbody. Buy from the Official Beachbody Store to avoid any hassles from buying elsewhere. You will get the LOWEST price anywhere by ordering direct. Also you will get their no hassle 30 day money back guarantee when you buy directly though the Beachbody store.

LIMITED Time Only Bonus Offer

If you buy P90x through our website you will also receive two bonus DVDs that are only available from an offical Beachbody coach like myself. If you purchase P90x today you will get the entire system plus two free bonus DVDs. The bonus DVDs include Fountain Of Youth which is a special Yoga workout hosted by Tony Horton. You will also get Mammoth UML which is a unique upper and middle body workout to help you achieve results even faster. You DO NOT want to miss these bonus DVDs. This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER so Click Here to go directly to the Beachbody store so you can get your brand new copy of P90x which WILL INCLUDE two FREE bonus DVDs.

If you are new to P90x and you looking for a weight loss and fitness system that can change at a great price then read on to learn more about this one-of-a-kind system out. Find out how P90x could be the system you are looking for that will satisfy your fitness needs once and for all.

Taking Fitness To The Next Level

Tony Horton determined to take Power 90 to the next level so he developed the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System which uses the advanced muscle building concept of muscle confusion. Muscles that are worked over and over result in less results from your workouts. Building muscles fast and making them grow continually can be achieved by confusing the muscles by introducing many different workouts designed to target individual muscle groups. P90x keeps your body guessing by presenting a mix and match variety of different exercise videos to maximize your results.

P90x Features

P90x comes with twelve exercise videos designed to target every major muscle group in your body. A “How to Bring It” video is included that gives you an overview of the P90x system presented by Tony Horton. Videos are also included for back and chest workouts, shoulders and arms, Yoga, advanced stretches, and ab ripper X. P90x includes many more videos as well as a detailed P90x Fitness Guide and the P90x 3 – Phase Nutritional Guide.

More Exciting Features

A detailed eating and diet guide is included which will tell you what foods are best to eat to gain maximum benefit from using P90x. The wrong foods can actually slow down your exercise results. It is important to eat the right foods during your P90x experience in order to provide your body with the right nutrients for the energy and support your body will require.

Your P90x Extreme Home Fitness System from Beachbody will include a calendar to help you stay motivated by keeping track of your progress as you complete each days P90x workout. You will remember what you need to complete on the next day by marking down exactly what DVD you are doing.

Order direct through Beachbody and you will receive their world renowned support. A coach will be assigned to you to help you as you go through the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System. Your coach is available to answer any questions to assist you. Communication with individuals currently using P90x is available to help keep you motivated and encourage you to get into the best shape ever. New users to P90x will find talking with other P90x users offers a lot of encouragement and can help you succeed.

And on the P90x road again

Me workout consisted of shoulder exercises today and I can say for sure I will be very sore come tomorrow. I feel accomplished from working through the workout and holding nothing back. I hate the feeling of missing days on P90x so I will be trying to stick to the schedule as strict as I possibly can. As I have said before I seem to have the most trouble drinking enough water. P90x can be a bit harder for someone who is addicted to soft drinks ( like me ). If you stick to drinking water you can get over sugar drinks in a week or less. I have in the past, its too bad I started drinking them again.

Anyhow I look forward to sharing the workouts I am doing each day so if you would like to follow me please keep checking back or sign up with the RSS feed. I will be setting up Twitter and Facebook accounts later on today. I will provide links to the newly created accounts tomorrow if you are interested in becoming a fan on Facebook or following me on Twitter. I will be updating the blog on a consistent bases from now on and I want to wish you all the best of luck to all of you out there on your P90x journey!

Day 28 P90x Workout

How is everyone out there? I hope your doing some great work on your own programs. As for me I worked on cardio today. Cardio can be tough, but now that I have been doing it a while I really feel the energy I get from it. Cardio is extremely important, just like every DVD, to the whole P90x system so be sure not to forget it.

I always have trouble drinking enough water. Unfortunately I have grown up with some bad habits of drinking sugar juice drinks and sodas. Water was an after thought for me. Do any of you fellow P90xers have troubling getting the recommended amount of water in a day? I would love to hear about it. Fortunately I now drink enough water in a day, but I am constantly reminding myself to do so.

Anyhow I hope you all have a good weekend, I will definitely be watching the Superbowl. I will try to update more frequently in the future. Take care.

Day 25 P90x Workout

I completed the P90x Yoga DVD today for my workout I had to complete. Sometimes it is hard for me to talk myself into doing this particular DVD as I would say I am not really a Yoga person. Fortunatly, as you have to do with almost anything in life, I will just continue to stick to it. I make sure that I do every DVD, because I want to stick to the program how the team designed it.

Sticking to the way the P90x system was designed is very important to me. I want to know I am giving it my all without missing anything important that could hinder my results or benefits from all my hard work. If I choose to do only the workouts and exercises I preferred, then I feel I would not get the same benefit as doing the system as it was meant to be done. Each DVD has a specific function and purpose so skipping a workout DVD would just be a bad idea.

Of course there is exceptions, for example if you have an injury that needs to be avoided, then of course you should skip workouts involving that mucle area. Also you may still be sore in a certain area after your past days workout and you may want to avoid working those mucles and that is perfectly fine. Anyhow I hope your all finding real and lasting success from your P90x workouts.

Before Breakfast And What I Eat For Breakfast Part 2

Continuing in part two I wanted to take the time today to go over what exactly I eat in the morning and how I get to five meals a day. I like to do my workout first thing in the morning, as I was saying in yesterdays post. After than I count my first meal as a protein shake, and shortly after I drink Shakeology or some kind of vitamin supplement drink.

My first meal, after eating my protein supplement and vitamin supplement, will usually be a turkey sandwich. I fry thin turkey in a pan without oil, kinda sticks but I do not really enjoy the oil. If you plan to use oil when cooking, your best bet would probably be olive oil.

I do not put mayonnaise on the bread I use to eat the turkey sandwich as that will just add to the fat count. If you really need the mayo, because the sandwich may be too dry, then consider using a oil based mayonnaise. Keep in mind this is just what I eat on my program, and it is not necessarily the best choice for you. Talk to your doctor on what foods would be best while on P90x, and whether or not the P90x system is something recommended for your fitness level.

Day 22 P90x Workout

My kind of dragged a bit on my P90x workout today. No particular reason, just some days I don’t feel it. I’m still glad I did my workout as I hate to miss any of them. What I did today was shoulders, and I still had it decent workout this by dragging.

You try to stick to your workouts? I am wondering because I feel kind of guilty when I miss my workouts personally. Even if I really do not feel that I still try to at least do the best I can each workout day. I would love to hear what readers have to say about their own P90x experiences.

At least I think I will be working on legs tomorrow and that shouldn’t be as hard. Hopefully I will wake up tomorrow with more energy, I guess ill just have to make sure I get enough sleep. And I know how important sleep is to have enough energy to get through P90x.

Day 20 P90x Workout

Ah I have reached day twenty, probably not a mile stone for most but hey at least it keeps me motivated and working hard. whatever motivates you is not important, they important thing is sticking the the program. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself while on P90x. Those that have trouble finding ways to motivate themselves can run into problems down the road.

What I did today was arms. The P90x Extreme Home Fitness System has a great arm blaster to really work out your arms and get them looking great. My arms are usually very sore after doing these workouts, which is a great sign of progress being made. I believe I am going to be doing cardio tomorrow, but I will have to check my calendar to be sure.

Remember to use your calendar to mark down what exercises you completed to keep track of what you did on each particular day. This will also help to keep you motivated.

A Day In The Life Of P90x

Just figured I would post a big off topic but also about P90x. This post will pretty much be me just talking, so enjoy or wait till tomorrow for a P90x workout update. I am so happy I made the decision to start P90x. I am someone who absolutely hates water. It’s true, I can’t stand it. If you like water then you already have an advantage that I didn’t have. It was so hard for me to begin drinking water again it nearly¬† killed me. Well that’s a bit of exaggerating but still it was awful to try to down eight ounces of water a day.

Anyway now that I am on water I couldn’t look back. Water acts as a cleaning agent to your whole body, and gives you the energy and stamina you need to get through P90x. Without it you will fail, we need water to live. Of course I was getting my “water” from soft drinks, sodas, and juice drinks, or even tea. Most of these types of drinks do nothing for you, and will only make you more tired and have less energy. Soft drinks will definitely give you a caffeine high, but you will fall hard after drinking them. Today’s random post was about water. Do you, the readers have anything to say about water? Did you have trouble switching to water when you started P90x?