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The Importance Of Stretching Before Working Out

Stretching improves and maintains flexibility or range of motion, but more importantly stretching is important for developing maximum strength. Stretching isn’t just for yoga or power lifters. Stretching is great for improving your strength for the activities of daily living and your overall performance whether for athletic competition or life’s daily demands. Including stretching in your exercise routines will greatly improve your flexibility and will likely prevent an injury.

Flexibility is determined by the range of motion of the joints and range of motion is determined by the elasticity of the muscles and tendons that cross the joints. Moving a joint beyond the stretch length of the muscle or tendon will cause injury. Maintaining maximum muscle tear. Stretching is the best approach for improving and maintaining flexibility and preventing injury.

The length of a muscle when it is at rest and the amount of tension a muscle can produce at resting length is its length-tension relationship. The optimal muscle length-tension relationship and optimal range of motion of a joint is very important in your physical activities and more importantly in sports competition. Actin and Myosin filaments make up muscles. The pull of one across the other causing shortening or lengthening of the muscles can produce tension. Optimal tension is created when the optimal length at which the Myosin filaments has been reached. Tightness can result when that optimal muscle length is altered causing loss of strength. Stretching can keep your muscles at an optimum length allowing your workout to produce maximum strength results.

Maximum sports performance and workout success are measured by level of flexibility and joint range of motion which allow for maximum acceleration of the muscular force. Force is equal to mass times acceleration and acceleration and force are reduced when there is a lack of flexibility. Regular stretching is that essential edge to maintain flexibility and producing performance success.

Safe stretching is defined by mechanics, or the way the stretch is done and the timing of the stretching. There are a number of proper stretching techniques and it would be worth preventing an injury to schedule time with a trainer to learn how to stretch safely. A technique called ballistic stretching is a formula for injury and should be avoided. Time with a trainer is invaluable and will help you avoid a muscle tear which could keep you from your training for a week or more.

Studies have shown that the timing of your stretching exercises is very important. Stretching immediately before a workout, whether an aerobic or resistance workout, can negatively effect your performance. A tight or shortened muscle will be compromised just as a muscle that is stretching beyond its optimal resting length will be. Correct active stretching should be done afterward. Serious stretching should be done slowly and without assistance. Avoid those muscles and tendon tearsĀ  by methodical stretching that does not include swinging arms and legs and bouncing.

Day 30 P90x Workout

Making it to day thirty is a good milestone I think. Anything to help motivate you during your progression.

I worked on my abs today along with a number of other exercises. I could already feel the burn after I was done. The ab exercises in the P90x system are really amazing at toning that mid section I will have to say. I will need to order some more shakeology soon as I am running low. Shakeology is a big difference maker for me and I recommend it to you if you are planning to get started with P90x in the near future.

Anyhow that’s all from me today. Just wanted to stop by for a short update to let you know how things are going. Until next time.

P90x Day 29

So I figured I would start everything up again on day 29 to not confuse you ( my readers ) too much. Probably too late for that. This is the result of starting and stopping a workout I suppose. I do apologize to those that I have confused but if you bare with me I am giving it another go. I want to try to make it to the ninety days. I have been working out on my own without reports on Bold Body Fitness until I have reached day 29. So do not worry, I am not cheating.

As for P90x I will do a quick update today and then a more detailed one next time I post. I worked out with cardio ( probably my least favorite exercise videos in P90x pack ). I do see a difference in my endurance and stamina while completing other P90x exercises so I know how important it is.

As I said yesterday I was busy setting up a Facebook and Twitter page. I didn’t get very far however, but you are free to check them out. Go HERE for Facebook and HERE for Twitter. I will no doubt be working more on them as time goes by, so check back or consider becoming a fan / follower. If anyone has any P90x questions you can post a comment or contact me through our contact page. I always enjoy hearing what you have to say.

P90x Back In Action

I have been off P90x for some time now and planning to get back into it very soon. I just ordered some Shakeology for the program and bought some new protein.

I also plan to buy a new pullup bar. I am planning to look into the pullup bar machine that is featured on the P90x training videos as it may work better in my situation. I am not sure that I have a doorway that is suitable for mounting the pullup bar by itself.

Anyhow it will be good to be back. I hope you will follow along with me as I work through the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System.

Day 27 P90x Workout

Well I have taken some time off P90x ( I know that is always a bad thing to do ). I probably should start back on day one again like I am starting over but I suppose that might not be a good idea either so I will continue on day 27. I have been doing some P90x during this time so I have no stopped completely. I would say more of a maintenance exercise plan while I dealt with a few things that needed taken care of in my life.

I hope there is still some people out there following along. Anyhow I worked out my arms today and it actually feels great to be back. I loved working out my biceps again. I am sure I will be pretty sore again because of the time I took off. Probably not even close to as sore compared to when I first started P90x though.

Hopefully I will be back on track and smooth sailing now. I hate the feeling of guilt I get when I do not do my workouts. The reason I feel guilty is I know I just need to get it done, and sometimes my body doesn’t want to. I need to concentrate on staying focused and I am sure I will get to day ninety in no time at all.

Day 26 P90x Workout

I first want to apologize for my rather long delay between updates. Things have been pretty hectic around here with the holiday fast approaching. Fortunately today I finally had the time to do my full workout. I completed my shoulder and arm exercises and I feel more sore than usual. I had definitely took some steps back by taking these few days off. I regret having to do it, and also hate making excuses.

Anyhow after Christmas and New Years I am sure I will have some more time to dedicate to my P90x workout. I will continue to keep you updated on my progress, so stick with me. And I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your families.

Day 24 P90x Workout

Well I am close to a full month on P90x now, I am pretty excited to reach the thirty day mark. Anyhow I did leg workouts today. I also did a bit of jogging on the side. Unfortunately it is pretty cold where I live so it is hard to motivate myself to get outside and get busy. I guess that’s another good reason I am doing P90x, the home fitness system. I wouldn’t last if I had to go to a gym.

I need to buy some new weights as I am noticeably stronger now and feel I could lift a bit more. I am hoping to find some good deals on dumbbells at my local exercise equipment shop. I blieve I will be doing arms tomorrow or the shoulders DVD. And sometime this week I should have Yoga.

I hope everyone is hanging in there in their P90x workout goals. Keep at it and you will achieve amazing results in not time at all.

Before Breakfast And What I Eat For Breakfast Part 1

I always do my workout before eating breakfast, as I feel that is the best time to workout for me. Keep in mind this is not for everyone and you should always consults your doctor before starting an exercise program like P90x, as well as ask your doctor if a before breakfast workout is the right best time for you. If you are disciplined enough to do your workout in the afternoon this can be more effective for more intense workouts, as you will have more energy. Just be sure to not wait too long in the day and end up missing the workout you had planed to do.

The downside to completing your workout in the morning is that you may be tired from just having woken up. You will also most likely have an angry stomach growling as you workout. I still like to do it this way as my stomach is empty so I feel I will be burning calories that are stored as fat rather than from the food I have eaten.

Follow along in part 2 tomorrow.

Day 21 P90x Workout

Another day with P90x today. I worked on arms today. I think I can already feel and see my arms getting bigger. I am also experiencing more definition in my forearms and bicep areas. I first noticed changes in my arms a bit later than in other areas, or maybe it was the same and I am not remembering it correctly.

I seem to notice my abs getting more defined very quickly after starting the ab routines included with the P90x workout system. I have always liked these exercises the most so I look forward to doing them whenever I am supposed to according to my workout schedule.

I believe I have off tomorrow but I will check to make sure on my calendar. Do you use your calendar to keep track of your progress while on P90x? I think a lot of users of P90x find it very useful and even motivating to follow their progress as well as know what workouts need to be completed next.

Day 17 P90x Workout

Today my P90x workout was arms. My favorite muscle to workout with my arms is biceps. I also like to do push ups rather than pull ups, which can be harder for me. I am really starting to notice a real change in my arms, and they are continuing to grow bigger and more muscular everyday.

Remember to eat vitamins on your P90x workout journey. I simply take a vitamin supplement to get all the vitamins I need. The supplement I take is available direct from Beachbody and is called Shakeology. I did other reports and posts about this wonderful nutritional supplement in the past. It is just a wonderful way, and the easiest, to get all the nutritional supplements you need while on P90x.

Another thing to make sure to get enough of is your protein. Protein will be pivotal during your P90x workout program. You may find that it is hard to get enough protein in your diet while on P90x, but your muscles really will need it to build and repair. That is why a quality protein supplement is probably your best way to get what you need.