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Day 10 P90x

p90xlogo1Well I reached day 10 and I only have 80 days to go. Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of your workouts. Unfortunately I was only able to get half of my workout done in the morning and had to drag through the rest of it once I got home from work. I know this is not the way P90x was intended to be done, but I am glad I was at least able to complete my day 10 workout.

I definitely feel that I am getting stronger. I am able to do some pullups again. I haven’t been able to do these in quite a while. The pullups usually give me the most trouble so once I get these down I should get closer to catching up with the other P90xers.

In other news I did a whole post on Power 90 if any of you are interested. If you do not already know the Power 90 System was the program that Tony Horton made prior to developing the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System. Power 90 is quite effective in it’s own right. If you are just a beginner you may want to start out with Power 90 before moving on to P90x.

Day 9 P90x

p90xyogaxTwo days into my 2nd week on the P90x system and I am already starting to see some results. This program certainly works quickly. That is one of the problems I had with fitness programs I tried prior to discovering P90x. I would not see any results for at least the first month and even then they weren’t that incredible. I love how the P90x workout really focuses on getting results and getting them quickly. If you aren’t currently on P90x and If you are someone who struggles with fitness programs then the P90x Extreme Home Fitness system may be exactly what you have been searching for.

For my day 9 workout I completed the Yoga X DVD. I am not a big fan of Yoga in general but this DVD really does give me a solid workout. I did a little power Yoga on the older Power 90 DVDs when I used to work through those. I think it does loosen you up pretty good. It is sometimes hard for me to keep the perfect form during the different routines.

In other news I will be adding a new plugin to allow users to subscribe to the blog. I will give it a good test to see if we will keep it on the blog or not. I if works out alright then we will be able to put together a list of subscribers more easily.

Day 8 P90x

p90x1Welcome back and on to Day 8 of my P90x workout journey. I was kind of out of energy for today’s workout which happens to be Kenpo X. I was struggling to keep up but tried anyhow. I am still glad I worked out today because I hate missing a day. If I miss a day of exercise it kind of discourages me.

I am noticing I do have a lot more energy as compared to before I re-started the P90x system. I didn’t have energy today because I didn’t get enough sleep. When I don’t get enough sleep I tend to drag all day long. This is definitely NOT recommended while going through the P90x workout. Make sure you get at least eight to nine hours of sleep every night.

I am sleeping better as well now that I am on the P90x system. The problem with last night is I had to work late so I went to bed late. I had an early morning and that’s the reason for the energy deficiency today. Oh well hopefully I can get enough sleep tonight and be able to have a more intense workout come tomorrow.

Check back here on Bold Body Fitness for my Day 9 adventures.

Day 7 P90x

p90xchestandbackWell I have made it an entire week on P90x. This is definitely a milestone for me. I know it is only a week but the first week can be the hardest. This is true for me at least. I think if you make it past the first week or 2nd week you will have a good chance at finishing the entire 90 days. I am not sure if you all feel the same way, but I would love to hear what you all think.

For my 7th day I did the Chest Back DVD. I love the chest exercises. I can really feel them when you finish and the next day. I don’t feel the back exercises that much. I do suffer from some lower back pain from sitting on a computer so I am always looking forward to do the back exercises. I am sure after doing this DVD for 90 days my back will be a lot stronger.

I am following the basic program of the P90x system, but as I said before I may move onto doing doubles of the system once I am done. Either that or I will move on to P90x 2.

I will be starting week 2 of my P90x journey tomorrow. I hope you will come back and see how things are going. See you soon!

Day 6 P90x

You may noticed a few days have passed between workout days but not to worry as I just didn’t have enough time to log on to the blog and post my workouts. I am happy to report I am still going strong and will continue to do so.

For day 6 I did the stretch DVD. It really will get your blood flowing and help you burn a tun of calories. For those that don’t know the stretch DVD also has cardio mixed in such as running in place. You really do get a good physical workout from this DVD and it will also give your muscles a break from weight training. This is especially important if your muscles are still very sore from the other workout DVD’s you have been going through.

I personally still need to get a exercise mat. If you workout on a carpet then you probably already know that the carpet can give you skin burn. I had some trouble with this while working through the stretch DVD today. So if you plan to do the P90x system anytime soon be sure to get an exercise mat before you get started. You will be happy you did. I will be ordering mine right after I finish writing this.

Tomorrow I will be going over my Day 7 workout. Be back again for more P90x workout updates!

Day 5 P90x

dumbbellsetThe set I featured here is by Altus Athletic and it is a 32-Pound dumbbell set with a stand. The stand is a nice touch and it is still a low price. It currently goes for $54.69 with free shipping. It is sold by amazon directly rather than a 3rd party seller so you will get the free shipping. The weights are for 3lbs, 5lbs, and 8lbs. I use a higher weight for the dumbbells I use, but these may work out good for you.

Now on to today’s workout which was the Legs and Back DVD. I would have to say that all went well and I look forward to doing this workout again. I don’t really have too much trouble with the leg exercises as my legs have stayed strong during my time off P90x. I do a lot of biking so that may help, I am not entirely sure.

For those of you that have been asking whats going on with the Facebook and Twitter page I want to take a second to address this. I will be updating Bold Body fitness’s presence on these social networks soon. I didn’t get a chance to work on them at all. I guess all i can say is I have been busy and plan to get on this soon. I know you are all excited about this so don’t worry. Well I am almost at a week of P90x, which felt like it flew right by. I will be continuing my daily posting with Day 6 P90x tomorrow.

Day 4 P90x

Welcome back my friends! I worked through the Yoga X DVD today. I am not able to do all the moves but I do my best to keep up. I am still sore from my previous days workouts. After about a week or maybe a month I’m sure I will not get as sore from the workouts. How long does it take for your body to build up a tolerance to the system?

I am planning to get a pair of heavier dumbbells in the near future. I may get one of those dumbbell sets so that I can move up through the different weights as I build up enough strength. There are some decently prices ones on amazon. I may also check out my local gym equipment store because the shipping on these heavy items may be quite harsh.dumbbellset

I would love to hear what all of you out there are using as your dumbbell weight right now. I worked up to a decent weight when I was doing the P90x system consistently. I know if I stick to the program and do the workouts on schedule that I will build up the muscle to do some of the more intense exercises. I am still building up enough strength to do the pullups again. Wish me luck! And I wish all of you out there the best of luck with your P90x experience. I will be back tomorrow with another P90x workout update.

Day 3 P90x

p90xcardioxIf you saw my post yesterday you read about how I wasn’t sure if I could exercise today. I found out I didn’t have to be in to work until later. So thankfully I had no valid excuse to get out of my P90x workout.

Today I did the Cardio X tape. I kept up pretty well considering it was the first cardio exercises I had done in a long time. I do jog when I can so I am not completely out of shape as you might think. I hope to one day be on pace with the P90x trainers. I would like to know if any of you guys and gals can keep up with the trainers and if so how long did it take you to do so? You can add your comment below to let me know.

I did want to also ask your recommendation on push up bars. I was planning to get these, but I am not sure that the cheapest ones will do the trick. If anyone has a particular favorite I would love to hear about it. I will probably just get one locally if my sporting good store carries them. I don’t mind ordering online, but I do need them sooner rather than later. Look forward to hearing what you all recommend.

Day 2 P90x

p90xshouldersandarmsI got up a bit late today but I certainly did not want to miss my workout. After all I’m only on day 2. I was tired and sore from day one but I had a pretty decent workout nonetheless.

I worked through the shoulders and arms DVD today. I wasn’t able to keep up with Tony and the group, but I wasn’t too far behind. I was a lot worse yesterday surprisingly enough. P90x is no joke and the first week will kick the crap out of you, but it feels amazing.

I think I may have to take off tomorrow, but I am not entirely sure. I have work tomorrow early and I wont get back until late. I definitely do not want to miss any of the workouts especially on my first week. I’m thinking I will make a go of it anyhow. I will let you know what happens tomorrow and how the workout went. Stay tuned in!

Day 1 P90x

Welcome back to Bold Body Fitness! If you read my last post you already know I said that I would be starting my P90x workout soon. Well today was my first day back on the program. I was very excited to get started again although my body was a bit less enthusiastic about the whole thing.

After having been off the program for around a year my body was significantly weaker. I will have to build up some more strength before I attempt to do any more pull ups that’s for sure. It usually takes me the longest to build up enough arm strength to complete the chin ups, or to at least keep up with the other P90xers.

goldsgympullupbarSomeone asked me the other day what kind of device do I use for the pull ups. I have one that installs in a doorway. I bought it at Walmart for about $30. I believe it made by golds gym. I am sure there are better models out there, I just needed a quick fix for now. I should say that for my needs this simple device does the trick. It doesn’t have the extra bar for it to allow more advanced moves by the way. I will try to post a picture of it if I can find one online. If you see a picture here then I found one. I plan to one day buy the self standing pull up bar system when I have some extra cash.