Before Breakfast And What I Eat For Breakfast Part 2

Continuing in part two I wanted to take the time today to go over what exactly I eat in the morning and how I get to five meals a day. I like to do my workout first thing in the morning, as I was saying in yesterdays post. After than I count my first meal as a protein shake, and shortly after I drink Shakeology or some kind of vitamin supplement drink.

My first meal, after eating my protein supplement and vitamin supplement, will usually be a turkey sandwich. I fry thin turkey in a pan without oil, kinda sticks but I do not really enjoy the oil. If you plan to use oil when cooking, your best bet would probably be olive oil.

I do not put mayonnaise on the bread I use to eat the turkey sandwich as that will just add to the fat count. If you really need the mayo, because the sandwich may be too dry, then consider using a oil based mayonnaise. Keep in mind this is just what I eat on my program, and it is not necessarily the best choice for you. Talk to your doctor on what foods would be best while on P90x, and whether or not the P90x system is something recommended for your fitness level.

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