Its Time For Some More P90x

October 12, 2010 · 0 comments

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I will start labeling the posts as what day I am on instead of having to come up with all these names because frankly I’m running out of them. If you enjoy these post names I keep coming up with let me know and I guess I can try to continue with them.

Anyhow on to P90x news and how I am doing. I believe I completed a good workout today and am really feeling it. I just hope I wont be too sore to continue tomorrow. Sometimes I end up having to skip another day. And that is alright as long as you don’t let one day off drag into a week and another failed attempt at the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System.

Another note about the post structure you may have noticed is the lack of images in the last post and this one. I will add images to every post again if everyone thinks they add the the blog. I think images every so often, or on posts of bigger importance is probably the best way to go, and the what I plan to do for now.

Anyways until next them and be sure to visit our buy P90x page for detailed information on the P90x system and how it works.

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