Day 6 P90x Workout

October 16, 2010 · 0 comments

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Well here we go again. I am really getting sore so I taking off Sunday will be very helpful in my recovery. I did the legs and back today DVD today and I believe I did pretty good. Well meaning I did the workouts to a pretty hard degree. I do not think I keep real pace with Tony Horton and the other people working out just yet. One day I hope to be able to do the workouts to their level.

P90x has some great back exercises. And since I work a lot on the computer it is important I have a strong back as I am sitting a lot. I am sure back exercises would benefit someone more in a field where they do a lot of heavy lifting.

Anyway if your someone who also wants those shaped legs and calf’s then this DVD, the legs and back DVD to be exact, is exactly what you have been looking for. The DVD features a number of workouts specifically designed to get your legs into optimum shape.

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