Day 3 P90x Workout

October 15, 2010 · 0 comments

in p90x

Had the chance to workout my shoulders again, and some arm exercises. I fear I may be doing too much work with my right arm and they will be different sizes. I am only kidding. Any way I am still sore from yesterdays P90x workout. You may notice some of my posts are on the same day, but this is because I am just trying to get caught up. I didn’t actually do that many workouts in one day as that would be quite difficult.

Anyhow I will probably be working out with my legs at some point. The ab workouts I did definitely left a lasting impression as I can really feel them whenever I make even simple movements. I think after a few more weeks my abs will be showing and this will be very motivating for me. Fortunately I will be close to making it past the first week so that will be motivating in and of itself.

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