Day 2 P90x Workout

October 14, 2010 · 0 comments

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Well I am on abs today. I hope you all enjoyed my post about when I do my workouts. I really try to do it at then every time I workout. Abs seems to not be that grueling as some of the other P90x videos, but that is not to say I don’t feel them working. Your abs will be worked and worked hard. I am just kinda used to abs because I have been doing them years before P90x at a pretty intense level, not near as hard as P90x will work them but still. If your concerned about your mid section this ab workout really will get them ripped and fit in no time at all.

Some people think that ab exercises are simply enough to lose your stubborn belly fat and get a flat stomach. This is simply not true if you have layers of fat over your stomach. You have to burn of the fat first. P90x will do just that. So doing the P90x Extreme Home Fitness System will get you that belly fat gone, and probably faster than anything else currently on the market.

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