Day 17 P90x Workout

October 29, 2010 · 0 comments

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Today my P90x workout was arms. My favorite muscle to workout with my arms is biceps. I also like to do push ups rather than pull ups, which can be harder for me. I am really starting to notice a real change in my arms, and they are continuing to grow bigger and more muscular everyday.

Remember to eat vitamins on your P90x workout journey. I simply take a vitamin supplement to get all the vitamins I need. The supplement I take is available direct from Beachbody and is called Shakeology. I did other reports and posts about this wonderful nutritional supplement in the past. It is just a wonderful way, and the easiest, to get all the nutritional supplements you need while on P90x.

Another thing to make sure to get enough of is your protein. Protein will be pivotal during your P90x workout program. You may find that it is hard to get enough protein in your diet while on P90x, but your muscles really will need it to build and repair. That is why a quality protein supplement is probably your best way to get what you need.

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