Day 1 P90x Workout

October 13, 2010 · 0 comments

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Well I figured I would start on day one on the list, lets chalk up the other days as warm ups. I feel I can now give me full effort to my P90x workouts so I will really be able to bring it. Today I worked on chest and I’m feeling it already. I could have taken another day off as some of my muscles are still somewhat sore. But I kinda like to stick to the system in place.

For those of you on your first week do not forget to take your protein supplements as it will help your muscles rebuild and recover quickly after your intense P90x workouts. After you buy P90x or before you by it plan on getting a good protein supplement to do with your P90x workouts as you really will need it. If you still do not have a protein supplement plan on simply getting one at your local shopping store, or just order from beachbody but do it right away.

Tomorrow I have off so I will come back with another workout report on that day. I may do a post tomorrow about whats the best time of day to do your workout.

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